Kundalini Dance - A Journey Through the Chakras (in Zürich) @ Afro Cuban Body Work, Zurich [vom 17. April bis 29. Mai]

Kundalini Dance - A Journey Through the Chakras (in Zürich)

- 29.
18:30 - 20:00

Afro Cuban Body Work
Militärstrasse 84, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
KUNDALINI DANCE — A journey through the chakras (in Zürich)

Where: Militärlangstrasse 84, 8004 Zürich (Studio: Afro Cuban Body Work)
Dates: Wednesdays from 17th of April — 29th of Mai
Time: 6.30-8.00pm (please arrive 15' before the course starts)
Costs: Drop-In CHF 30.00 (Students CHF 25.00) / Entire Course: CHF 180.00 (Students: 150.00; get one session free)

Language: German/English

In these intuitive dance journeys you will reconnect closer to your body and essence of your being. Moving freely on the dance floor as also learning simple breath & movement keys to activate different chakras (energetic centres of our body).
It’ s an extraordinary alchemical dance by which we will move energy through our bodies – with the intention to awaken Kundalini Shakti (Life Force Energy). An awakened Kundalini Shakti brings us pure bliss and strong vital life force energy. Each class is devoted to a different chakra and it’s topics. Kundalini Dance is highly transformational.
The founder of Kundalini Dance is Leyolah Antara; I give my deep gratitude for her path and teachings I was able to receive.

All classes can be visited as Drop-In! But it's most beneficial to attend to the entire course.
This course is open to all men & women of all ages.

Zürich: 17.4.2019
Root Chakra – topics: relationships, our home, sense of belonging

Zürich: 24.4.2019
Sacral Chakra – topics: activating sacred sexuality codes within, our Vital Life Force, Wellspring of creativity

Zürich: 1.5.2019
Solar Plexus– topic: our inner fire and personal power. Embracing our Warrior and our Wild Women.

Zürich: 8.5.2019
Heart Chakra – topics: love, Giving and Receiving. Opening and connecting our hearts.

Zürich: 15.5.2019
Throat Chakra – topics: expanding and sharing our unique expression, Conscious Communication, Embracing the truth of who we are.

Zürich: 22.5 2019
Third Eye Chakra – topics: Vision, Receiving guidance, Consciousness

Zürich: 29.5.2019
Crown Chakra – topics: bliss, Union, Communion, Co-creation, Manifestation

I'm excited to move with YOU!
from heart to heart

Jelena is a intuitive & professionally trained dancer, yogini & movement artist. She is sharing conscious bodywork through dance and yoga in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Marocco, Egypt, Australia, Bali & Jamaica.
It is her greatest joy to guide people into deeper connection to their body & heart & witness them expressing their truth.

The passion for movement & her feeling for rhythm and music has been given to her at a very young age through her parents. Jelena's roots are from Jamaica from her mothers side & Swiss from her father's side.
She has been trained in various yoga styles & teaches today «Elemental Yoga», which is an holistic approach of yoga inspired by Chinese Medicine and connects you deeply with nature and it's forces. In addition, she has certified at a Dance & Theater School in Switzerland and was able to perform in different companies and also has created her own dance pieces over her Label DanceAway. Since twelve years she is teaching many different dance styles as Ragga, Contemporary Dance & HipHop very successfully. In the last year she has followed her desire to dive deeper into using Dance as Medicine and has completed various dance trainings such as «Kundalini Dance» and «Holistic Dance» and today also leads Conscious Dance Journeys and Cacao Ceremonies.
«Allow yourself to be you & DanceAway!»




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